Managed Email Services

Email is a critical communications tool. Downtime means a loss of productivity, possible compliance and regulatory issues related to data loss, and even lost revenues - so minimizing this risk is an increasingly important part of a company’s messaging infrastructure and of its disaster prevention and recovery strategy. A Managed Email service helps mitigate these problems by providing robust, reliable and scalable solutions that enable you to enjoy the advantages of a fully-functioning, secure and protected email system.

Ever faced any of the following?

With Managed Email, we help you overcome these common email issues in a cost-effective and efficient way. Our service offers the following:

Why is it so effective?

You can either go for a complete solution consisting of all three services - archiving, continuity and security - or take a step at a time. It is ideally suited to small and medium sized businesses that does not have either the in-house capability or deep pockets of larger organisations.


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